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Consulting services: Construction law consulting services by leading authority in the field. Advice for novice or experienced lawyers, design professionals, contractors, insurers, and owners. Put more than three decades of construction law research, writing and teaching on your side by using the consulting services of Marc M. Schneier.

Publications:   Over several decades, Marc M. Schneier’s publications have educated practitioners, academics, and students about the intricacies of construction law. Publications for practitioners include Construction Litigation Reporter (Thomson Reuters/West) and Construction Accident Law (ABA 1999). His most recent textbooks for law schools and engineering departments, co-authored with Justin Sweet, are Construction Law for Design Professionals, Construction Managers, and Contractors (Cengage Learning 2015) and Legal Aspects of Architecture, Engineering and the Construction Process (Cengage Learning 9th ed. 2013).

Teaching: Marc M. Schneier was an Adjunct Professor of Construction Law at the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Links: Sites of interest for construction law practitioners and students.